What is an ABS Pump?

An ABS Pump is is an electrical/mechanical component that provides anti-lock breaking abilities to the brake system on a vehicle by sensing pressure on the brakes and then applying rapid intermittent braking to prevent from lock ups.

How much does a used ABS Pump usually cost?

The cost of a used ABS Pump can range from $25-$30 in some vehicles and upwards of $315 for a 2012 Mercedes S550


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2001Hyundai Tiburon $463.00 $50.00 $413.00
2008 Honda Ridgeline $664.00 $100.00 $564.00
2010 Ford Taurus $1014.00 $100.00 $914.00
2012 Lincoln MKZ $1372.00 $125.00 $1247.00
1996 GMC Safari Van $336.00 $50.00 $286.00
2000 Chevy Astro Van $258.00 $50.00 $208.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Make sure the pump is not leaking. Make sure the number of lines on your existing pump matches the number of lines on the pump being bought. Check for visible damage, plugs in good shape.  Preferably look for a unit that the lines have been cut versus screwed off so the unit does not become contaminated. If the lines were screwed off be sure they were capped to prevent contamination.

Installation Tips

Disconnect the battery cable, make sure no leaks are present before using. Don’t over tighten the lines. A consideration is  to have a certified mechanic road test the unit before driving the vehicle yourself.

Ongoing maintenance

Follow any owners manual suggestions.