What is an AC Blower Motor?

The AC Blower motor moves the cold air from your AC System to your vehicles cabin. If you don’t want to buy one, catch a squirrel, lock him in a cage with a block of ice and train him to blow the cold air on you. It will cost you peanuts.

How much does a used AC Blower Motor usually cost?

Used blower motors cost $10 to $150


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2001 Honda Civic $133.00 $35.00 $98.00
1999 Ford Explorer $212.00 $25.00 $187.00
2004 Cadillac Escalade $165.00 $45.00 $125.00
2010 Lincoln Navigator $211.00 $50.00 $161.00
1998 Mercedes 320 $247.00 $45.00 $242.00
2000 Subaru Legacy $188.00 $50.00 $138.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Sometimes a blower motor has removable fan mounted on them. If your fan is damaged make sure to ask if that part is included in the price of the blower motor.

Installation Tips

Labor can be simple or as difficult as having to remove most of the dash and console. Get advice before trying to do this yourself.

Ongoing maintenance

Use the AC and enjoy!