What is an AC Condenser Fan Motor?

The AC Condenser Fan Motor (also known as a Radiator cooling motor/fan combo) provides cooling by pushing air across the core, which cools the freon and the radiator.

How much does a used AC Condenser fan motor usually cost?

The cost can range from $25-$65.00


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
1997 Caddilac Seville $211.00 $35.00 $176.00
2000 Honda Odyssey $246.00 $45.00 $201.00
2005 Volkswagen Beetle $235.00 $50.00 $185.00
2009 Volvo S60 $277.00 $65.00 $212.00
2000 Plymouth Breeze $178.00 $25.00 $153.00
1995 Saturn Saturn S $251.00 $25.00 $226.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Normally the motor will come with the fan and the shroud. Be sure the verify exactly what you need and what you will get. Often a supplier will not remove the motor from the existing fan/shroud so you end up getting all of it.

Installation Tips

Be sure to check the fan blades/shroud for cracks.

Ongoing maintenance

No known specific maintenance other than what your owners manual calls for.