What is a Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump is an electrical device that contains a pump mechanism that pulls fuel from the gas tank towards the fuel injectors or carburetor.

How much does a used fuel pump usually cost?

The cost of a fuel pump can be from $35 to $150 used.


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser $412.00 $75.00 $337.00
1996 Sukuki Sidekick $287.00 $50.00 $237.00
2008 Honda Accord $366.00 $75.00 $291.00
2011 GMC Yukon $274.00 $100.00 $174.00
2004 Hyundai Tiburon $314.00 $50.00 $264.00
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee $258.00 $30.00 $238.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Ask your sales person to look for damage to the float or corrosion on the connections.

Installation Tips

Any time you are buying an electrical component we recommend it being tested before installing it.

Ongoing maintenance

Keep clean fuel in your vehicle.