What is a Power Steering Pump?

The power steering pump provides assisted steering making it easier to turn the wheel.

How much does a used power steering pump usually cost?

The cost of a used Power Steering Pump can range from $25-$30 upto $75-$100 for some vehicles.


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
1999 Subaru Forester $220.00 $35.00 $185.00
2010 Saab 95 $356.00 $25.00 $331.00
2004 Jaguar X Type $349.00 $50.00 $299.00
2007 Lexus GS430 $359.00 $75.00 $284.00
2009 Nissan 350z $378.00 $50.00 $328.00
1991 Acura Integra $285.00 $25.00 $260.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Make sure pulley is in good shape and that there are no visible signs of leaking. Also check mounting tabs for cracks.

Installation Tips

Make sure to bleed the line before operating the vehicle. Check the system for leaks.  It is recommended to replace the O-rings at the end of the power steering lines. Use a good power steering fluid, not transmission fluid like some will use.

Ongoing maintenance

Check your fluids and get it changed about every other oil change.