What is a Steering Column?

The steering column is the shaft that contains the steering wheel and various steering accessories such as turn signals, light controls, gear shifter in some cases. It attaches to the steering rack or gear box (which eventually finds its way to the wheels, of course). The column is normally a color that matches the cars interior.

How much does a used steering column usually cost?

The cost of a steering column purchased from a recycling facility can be anywhere from approximately $35 up to several hundred dollars depending on the year,make, and model of the vehicle. One thing is for sure and that is you can save some money by buying used without sacrificing the quality.

Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2009 Dodge Caravan $1125.00 $85.00 $1,040
2012 Ford Focus
$775.00 $75.00 $700.00
2008 Honda Accord $645.00 $100.00 $545.00
2010 Toyota Camry $896.00 $85.00 $811.00
2012 VW Touareg
$1655.00 $200.00 $1455.00
2007 Chrysler Minivan
$698.00 $75 $623.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

It’s always best to try and get the ignition key with the column, however the dealer may need to reprogram your computer so the car will start, depending on the year of the vehicle. Older cars were not as complicated of course. Columns are often matched to the color of the interior but don’t expect this to be an exact match due to varying degrees of sunlight exposure of the donor car compared to yours.  The covers are typically removable to match your own or can be replaced rather inexpensively. If you have your steering wheel you can use this as well. It’s a good way to save money if you can buy a column that might be a different color than you need that you can later match the color with parts from your own. Make sure the replacement console has the same options as your vehicle’s.

Installation Tips

Disconnect battery cable before installation. If the car uses the key for the theft deterrent system be sure to confirm the computer recognizes the new column/ignition and if not, have it re-programmed. Also, make sure the air bag is hooked up correctly.

Ongoing maintenance

Nothing to mention here. Just keep things clean and dust free!