What is a Strut?

A strut is shock absorber that mounts to the strut tower in the front and to the chasis in the back. Sometime it includes the spindle included.

How much does a used Strut usually cost?

From $25.00-$175.00 on the Porsche listed below.


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2007 Porsche Boxster $698.00 $175.00 $523.00
2010 Infiniti M45 $245.00 $75.00 $170.00
2003 Hummer H2 $205.00 $50.00 $155.00
2001 Nissan 240sx $179.00 $35.00 $144.00
1994 Toyota Celica $181.00 $25.00 $156.00
1989 Subaru Brat $98.00 $25.00 $73.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

Verify if it comes with the spring or not and if you can remove the spring on yours. Verify its not bent.

Installation Tips

Easy install, very straight forward.

Ongoing maintenance

Nothing other than what is standard with the suspension.