What is a Hub?

A hub has bearings in it and is the part your wheel bolts to and sometimes include the spindle. A hub is most used on a front wheel drive vehicle or a 4 wheel drive. A sign the hub needs to be replaced is a roaring noise coming from 1 of the wheels while you are driving. Also, if a hub is failing you can get a slight wheel wobble. When a mechanic recommends it to be replaced, I would not put it off.

How much does a used hub usually cost?

A used hub can run $25 to $75 depending on application.

Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2000 GMC Safari $227.00 $75.00 $152.00
2002 Ford Escort $197.00 $35.00 $162.00
2008 Honda Pilot $312.00 $65.00 $247.00
1996 Nissan Pathfinder $270.00 $50.00 $250.00
2008 Porsche Boxster $639.00 $150.00 $489.00
2003 GMC Yukon $333.00 $75.00 $258.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

When purchasing, ask if the spindle is included and if the hub turn freely by hand. Most dismantlers do not warranty the bearing part of the hub so ask if you do not plan to purchase a new part.

Installation Tips

Look for signs of rust inside the hub and in the bearing area. It is recommended to not use a used bearing do to the ease of replacement while the car is torn down and the cost of a new part.

Ongoing maintenance

Just drive and enjoy. Stay out of deep water.