What is a Window Regulator?

The window regulator is device that resides between the interior door trim and the exterior door shell that aids the window motor in raising and dropping the door window.

How much does a used window regulator usually cost?

The cost of a used window regulator can be as low as $15 and upwards of $400 depending on the make and model.


Vehicle Rebuilt/New Recycled Savings
2010 VW Passat
$162.55 $35.00 $127.55
2008 Cadillac Escalade
$153.12 $40.00 $113.12
2013 Honda Civic $189.54 $45.00 $144.54
2009 GMC Yukon $219.53 $65.00 $154.13
2001 Infiniti G20 $288.14 $35.00 $253.14
2010 Hyundai SantaFe $167.00  $50.00 $117.00

Things to keep in mind when buying

If electric be sure to find out if the motor is included or not. Your motor may be fine but in some cases they do not separate from the regulator. Find out from your mechanic what you need here. Ask the salesmen to look for corrosion or signs of wear. Confirm this before making your purchase. Sometimes a car might have water damage that can effect the metal parts. If it is considered an electrical part be sure to verify the company warranty policy and if this part falls under the same umbrella as “electrical parts” or not.

Installation Tips

Ask the mechanic to check for any other parts behind the door trim that could create door rattles or any signs of water leakage while they are in there. Also, have the mechanic check the drain holes to make sure water that does enter is draining properly.

Ongoing maintenance

Keep an eye on the rubber window gaskets that help prevent water from entering the door cavity.